Benjour bienvenue a BSix!

Yes that was French. As some of you are aware, we previously had French students from Salvador Allende school in France, working closely with BSix students from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April.

Although their stay was short, we learnt a lot from them, about their school life, teen years in France, and how dissimilar the two educational institute are from each other.

When they arrived, we firstly did an introduction group activity, which was really fun, to find out about the students backgrounds and hobbies. During the activity I met and made new friends. We all bounded so well during the group activity due to some surprising similarities.

Amongst our visitors was a girl named Ella who said that ‘BSix is a quite large college compare to ours, its friendly and really diverse’ another student described London in general as ‘diverse and beautiful city with deep history’

We hope that our visitors enjoyed their visit.

Student Voice Conference

On Thursday 27th Match, the second ‘Student Voice’ conference was held with the five elements of the student voluntary body;  Student Ambassadors, Sports Ambassadors, Student Union, BCitizens, and Learning Advocates. The main purpose of this conference was two fold; firstly to recognise what each group does, and what have they achieved from the beginning of the year; secondly to look at ways to develop and enhance each strand’s work. The conference lasted an 1.30 hrs and this was enough time to learn more about each strand and the students involved.

During the  conference, each student voice group presented a presentation covering their role in the college, their special aims, and what has been achieved this year. This was great in helping us all learn about what everyone else does within the Student Voice. The second part was model on a ‘knowledge cafe’,  a written exercise with each group rotating between tables after set time periods. This was with the exception of one member of each strand who remained fit to their table as an anchor. This allowed the rotating members of each strand to sit at every table and learning from the ‘anchors’ what their role was within their strand of the voice. This allowed the all of us to learn about each strand, and make suggestions for what they could do for the future.

By the close of the conference, the connection between each group increased and we now know more about each strand and their role within the college. We will move forward with an aim to make people more aware of, and involved with,  the Student Voice does and in doing so, taking BSix from ‘good’ to ‘oustanding’ !

Study – Aspire – Achieve

Welcome Back!

We at the Student Union, hope you all had a restful recuperation during the Easter holidays. This is the last term of the academic year, and there is still lots to do! Exams, and coursework  being the main focus. Don’t forget to get  exam tips and guidance from the excellent staff at the collage!

The Student union has regretfully had lost two key members of the team, the Community engagement officer who was the student Founder of BCitizens, and our Student Union President. Not to worry our new Community Engagement officer Kamila will gracefully step in. As for the Student union president the Vice-President has stepped up to the role for the final term.

This term, the BSeven Team long with us at the Student union, have a whole host of wonderful and exciting cultural events coming up such as; the Caribbean day and Arabian Peninsula day. We also have Disability Awareness Day and of Course on June 26th We have PROM!!! 

“Aspire – Study – Achieve”

BSix Student Union