Benjour bienvenue a BSix!

Yes that was French. As some of you are aware, we previously had French students from Salvador Allende school in France, working closely with BSix students from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April.

Although their stay was short, we learnt a lot from them, about their school life, teen years in France, and how dissimilar the two educational institute are from each other.

When they arrived, we firstly did an introduction group activity, which was really fun, to find out about the students backgrounds and hobbies. During the activity I met and made new friends. We all bounded so well during the group activity due to some surprising similarities.

Amongst our visitors was a girl named Ella who said that ‘BSix is a quite large college compare to ours, its friendly and really diverse’ another student described London in general as ‘diverse and beautiful city with deep history’

We hope that our visitors enjoyed their visit.

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