Success Stories at BSix…3rd edition;)

Chemistry ALevel is not an easy subject or any ALevel for that matter but if you try hard, you will definitely get the grades you deserve..


Marco is a Chemistry teacher at Bsix and he believes his students are working hard. The names of the people who are performing extremely well are Melody, Shayo, Sharif and Shrunel. He said “they use very good tactics when they are revising which is evident in the grades they get in things like practise tests”


I interviewed Sharif to see the secret behind his success and he notified me that the reason why he performs well is because he does practise papers.  He recently achieved a grade B in the January exams. He said that by doing these past papers, you will be able to see the way in which examiners will phrase questions and get used to answering the questions in a certain style. One paper every three days helps him to keep the Chemistry fresh in his mind.


Sharif said his inspiration to do Chemistry came from the idea that he wants to be able to go to Africa and make use of the chemical resources there.


Sharif’s advice to all the prospective students who would like to do Chemistry is:

“If you want to succeed in Chemistry; don’t sleep”…




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