Success Stories From Bsix 2nd edition ;)

As soon as I tell someone that I do Anthropology as one of my A-Level subjects, I get that ‘huh?!’ look! It isn’t anything difficult to understand in terms of what the subject is about.  Anthropology is a humanities subject in the same way that Psychology and Law and History are. It is a subject which helps you to understand human nature and how cultures differ and are similar globally.


I spoke to my Anthropology teacher, Harriett and asked her to inform me on the people who were doing well in the subject and she told me Radina was showing amazing progress in the subject.


Asking Rdina how she manages to be an outstanding student, she told me that she is passionate about the subject and she can relate to the world when she writes her essays. For those of you wishing to do Anthropology one sweet day, her advice was :

It is a subject that opens your eyes to see the world rather than being objective.


Don’t look at this blog and think that because you don’t do Anthropology, it doesn’t apply to you. What I learnt from Radina is that if you are passionate about something then you have to perservere to achieve it.



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