Success Stories From Bsix Students

Bsix has very motivated students. Every week be expecting a blog with how students work hard as recognized by their teachers.

I spoke to Lois Lovell, an AS Biology teacher and asked her which of her students has made the greatest improvement and striving to achieve the grades they require to proceed to their next stage in life. She told me that two thirds of her class were putting in so much effort and she was happy. Out of them she told me that Ilhan was the student who had made the most drastic improvement.

When I spoke to Ilhan I asked her:

>How do you revise for Biology?

She said that she wakes up at 3am; read the Biology book and does questions and checks the answers. At 3am, she feels the most focused because nobody is there to distract her.

>What is it about Biology that interests you?

She replied me ” I like Biology.  I mean I dont have to do it for medicine but I am interested to learn about the human body and plants and how world works”

If your tactics for revision don’t work, try using Ilhan’s tactics :)

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